California Green Codes

Many states are adding Green Codes to their requirements to obtain permits.  California is making compliance with “CAL Green Code” necessary with all permit applications after January 1, 2014. We can help you design and plan your new 合约交易软件_数字合约交易所_Mhome building project to fit within “CAL Green Code” or any other state’s green code. Cal Green Code will involve your  合约交易软件_数字合约交易所_Mhome design, energy efficiency, water efficiency and conservation, material conservation and resource efficiency,  and environmental quality.  The code affects your whole building project, not just the 合约交易软件_数字合约交易所_Mhome.  We are prepared to help you comply. We have Green Code experts on our team that will work with our designers, draftspeople, engineers and production facilities to assure compliance.  They can also supply any other necessary details regarding your new 合约交易软件_数字合约交易所_Mhome project and help with proper documentation to help you through the permit application process. We can also make structural changes to the 合约交易软件_数字合约交易所_Mhome that will increase your 合约交易软件_数字合约交易所_Mhomes energy efficiency.  Staggered studs, energy heel trusses and alternative sheathings are commonly used. Landmark’s panelized 合约交易软件_数字合约交易所_Mhomes are beneficial to Green Code compliance.  Our panelization process has efficiencies which calculate proper material usage and minimize waste.  Excess materials from board cuts are used in other portions of the 合约交易软件_数字合约交易所_Mhome, recycled or repurposed.   This will help you with your Green Code compliance in any state. There is also minimal waste during the assembly process at your building site which saves you money on dumpster costs while also keeping your building site clean.  

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