Owner Builder



Why Do People Build Their Own 合约交易软件_数字合约交易所_Mhome?

People build there own 合约交易软件_数字合约交易所_Mhome for a variety of reasons. Some do it so they can better control the quality of their 合约交易软件_数字合约交易所_Mhome. Others do it to save money. Many like the “Sweat Equity” value they create as a result of their work. Some customers have moved in with over $200,000.00 worth of equity. Most do it because they do not believe they should pay someone to do work that they can easily do themselves.

Landmark serves as an architect, engineer and panelizer all in one to make your building experience fast, cost effective and under your control. We combine these three disciplines so you can better manage your project. We are a “one stop shop.”

Building your own 合约交易软件_数字合约交易所_Mhome can be one of the most rewarding projects you undertake. You have the opportunity to not only design the 合约交易软件_数字合约交易所_Mhome, but stay actively involved in the construction process. Customers have tremendous sense of gratification and accomplishment after their 合约交易软件_数字合约交易所_Mhome is completed.

You can make sure that you are getting the best 合约交易软件_数字合约交易所_Mhome you can afford, with features that you like, at a reasonable cost. Owner involved building can also give you the opportunity to stop renting and get into your own new 合约交易软件_数字合约交易所_Mhome. You can build your dream 合约交易软件_数字合约交易所_Mhome in a neighborhood which you would like to live, instead of settling for an existing 合约交易软件_数字合约交易所_Mhome which may need extensive repairs.

What Would I Do As An Owner Builder?

Being an owner involved 合约交易软件_数字合约交易所_Mhome builder is an exciting and challenging project! You get involved with 合约交易软件_数字合约交易所_Mhome design, finding and selecting land, budgeting and financing, obtaining permits, coordinating and scheduling, all the way through 合约交易软件_数字合约交易所_Mhome completion. You can even do the work yourself or have friends help you save money. Some customers actually get involved with every step of the building process while others simply coordinate the project with subcontractors.

To get the most out of the building process, and to save money, you work off your strengths and get other people to help you in areas where they are better. For example, if you know how to wire your 合约交易软件_数字合约交易所_Mhome you should do it. If you are not able to roof your 合约交易软件_数字合约交易所_Mhome, have someone else do it.

How Does Landmark Help Us?

Landmark 合约交易软件_数字合约交易所_Mhome and Land Company is set up to help your Owner Builder project run smoothly. We are experienced in 合约交易软件_数字合约交易所_Mhome design, engineering, energy and green codes, financing and construction. As a “One Stop Shop”, Landmark is here to help you develop and stay within your budget, supply the panelized building package you want and help move the project along.  We are with you throughout your project.

Since 1993, we have helped many customers and help them beyond our panelized 合约交易软件_数字合约交易所_Mhome package.  We are responsive and available to answer your questions about our processes or building in general.  Customer support is the core of our business!